​Carrier & Illustration 培訓課程

Hello, and welcome to our illustration training.


Illustrations at first can be confusing. Therefore, in an effort to simplify things, we have dissected this training into 2 sections:


  • Section 1: Introduction to Illustrations

    • This section aims to provide you general information and terms regarding illustrations. It is important that you understand the concepts provided in this section before moving on to Section 2, as they may not be repeated.

    • There are 2 parts to this Section:

      • Part 1: Explanation of illustration terms and concepts

      • Part 2: General guide to reading a full illustration



  • Section 2: Individual Carrier Illustration Training

    • This section shows you how to run illustrations with several of our main carriers.

    • Each carrier has 3-4 parts:

      • Part 1: Guide to the carrier’s illustration software inputs

      • Part 2: Running illustrations focusing on protection

      • Part 3: Running illustrations focusing on tax-free income

      • Part 4 (If Applicable): Running illustrations using a Premium Deposit Fund


Please note that this training is meant to be a general guide; further clarification on any intricacies of specific softwares can be answered by your assigned sales support.


Moreover, due to periodic changes in interest rates and policy charges, the values that you receive with your own calculations may differ from those shown in our training videos.